There are several equipment that make cooling tower functioning. At most facilities where cooling tower repairing services are provided at competitive prices, these equipment are repaired or replaced by engineers. In this article, we will talk about all essential cooling tower parts that complete a cooling tower structure from inside and outside.

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Gearboxes are available in a variety of different reduction rates and designs to support the variable fan speeds and strengths of cooling towers. Manufacturing units of cooling tower allow customers to get new gearboxes or even take help of experts to restore or renew a gearbox with OEM parts.


Fill Media

Fill media is a critical element used in cooling tower system. Latest models of cooling towers include plastic fill media for maximum water evaporation. Water is dispersed through the fill. The process makes it possible for excess moisture and heat to evaporate.


The two main designs of fill media are film-style that distributes water across a flat layer, and splash-style that breaks up the moisture. For specialized cooling towers, there are two more fill media – cross flow and counter flow.

Drift reducers

Drift reducers are one of the key components of cooling tower system, which are used to eliminate water droplets in the air and recycle the moisture. This is done with the help of abrupt force that push the moisture in another direction and separate it from the air and send it to another part of the system.



Nozzles are most commonly applied in cross flow cooling towers that are used to harness the gravity power to distribute water. In such models, water is lifted up to dispersal reservoirs above the fill media. Gravity later pulls the water via fill media using nozzles placed at the bottom of the reservoirs.



Fans push the air throughout a cooling tower. Manufacturers install durable fans in the system. These are noisy, but you can avail quieter options in the market. Fans are used in counter flow, cross flow, and other mechanical draft cooling towers.


Reservoir heaters

Reservoir heaters prohibit the water from freezing inside the system during chilling weather conditions. These heaters are used by commercial cooling towers and are made of tough copper heating elements that last longer.


You must get the right contact of cooling tower repairing facility to get premium services for your system. There are some wanna be professionals who have minimum experience in providing such services. Don’t look at them because they may harm your cooling tower in the repairing process.

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