Legionella bacteria are usually grown in water. Manufacturers of Industrial Cooling towers India told that there are several places like showers, cooling towers, and any other site that involves use of water. The bacteria grow where the temperature is between 20-45 degrees Celsius and nutrients are available. Legionella bacteria are dormant below 20 degrees Celsius, and cannot survive above 60 degrees Celsius.

Legionnaires’ disease is a fatal type of pneumonia that is contracted by inhaling airborne water droplets having viable Legionella bacteria. These droplets are formed by hot and cold water outlets, wet air conditioning plants, atomizers, and hydrotherapy baths.


This disease can hit any person; however, smokers, alcoholics, diabetics, and people dealing with chronic respiratory or kidney disease and cancer are at more risk.

How to protect against this Legionella?

Health and social care providers should perform a complete risk assessment of their hot and cold water systems and ensure proper measures are in place to control or prevent the growth of the fatal bacteria.


Using temperature control can be a protective measure

Since there are no vaccines available that can prevent Legionnaire disease, experts advice users to maintain water systems in buildings to reduce the risk of growing and spreading of the bacteria Legionella. It can easily grown in-

  • Hot tubs
  • Hot water tanks and heaters
  • Cooling towers
  • Large plumbing systems
  • Decorative fountains

The primary method is controlling the temperature. Water services have to be operated at temperatures that prevent Legionella growth. The practice should include these following points-

  • Hot water storage cylinders should store water/liquid at 60 degrees Celsius or higher temperature.
  • Hot water should be distributed at minimum 50 degrees Celsius or more temperature
  • Cold water needs to be stored and distributed at 20 degrees Celsius or below temperature

Manufacturers must design systems to lower the growth of bacteria by keeping pipe work as direct and short as possible. They should adequately insulate pipes and tanks. They should use materials that prevent the growth of Legionella. They should make practice to prevent and eliminate contamination.

Other than this, manufacturers of these products should analyze water samples for Legionella periodically.


For more info on preventing growth of Legionella bacteria, read online articles. This post was shared by manufacturers of Industrial cooling towers India to let you know the best controlling methods to prevent Legionella bacteria growth.

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