Maintenance of a cooling tower is a critical job which is more like a responsibility. Cooling tower manufacturers Chennai are sharing this post to make you understand why maintenance of cooling tower is important how you can control scaling and treat hardness of water.

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Scale is a hard deposit of inorganic material as a residual on the equipment inside the cooling tower. Scaling is a result of the precipitation of mineral particles in water. If this concentration cycle doesn’t stop, the solubility of several solids will be exceeded. More amounts of solids will clog the pipelines and scale the surfaces.

Issues that scaling brings-

  • Scaling causes physical blockage of equipment, piping, and the cooling tower.
  • Scaling reduces heat transfers
  • Scaling increases the energy use
  • Scale translates into higher head pressures in compression refrigeration systems.

What are the factors that promote scaling?

Scale formation occurs due to several factors like-

1. Increment of alkalinity and calcium carbonate – Calcium carbonate is the most common constituent that is responsible for scaling in cooling system.


2. Crystallization of sparingly soluble salts – it is the result of increased temperatures and/or low flow velocity. Most salts become highly soluble when there is increase in temperature. Yet there are some salts like calcium carbonate that becomes less soluble when temperature is high. Thus, it results in deposition at higher temperatures.

3. Water with high TDS will form more scale.

What are the types of scales occur in cooling water systems?

There are four types of scales form in the cooling tower- calcium carbonate scale, calcium sulfate scale, calcium and magnesium silicate scale, and calcium phosphate scale.


The most common scaling type is formed by bicarbonates and carbonates of magnesium and calcium along with iron salts present in the water.

How manufacturers control scaling?

You can control or eliminate scaling like a pro with these proven techniques-

Water softening equipment – dealkalizer, water softener, ion exchange to eliminate or remove scale forming minerals from the makeup water.


Making adjustments in pH to lower values – Scaling occurs in alkaline environment that means low pH will help in minimizing formation of scale.

Controlling concentration cycles – limit the scale forming minerals concentration by controlling concentration cycles. This can be done by draining a part of water to prevent minerals built up.


Physical water treatments – Magnetic, filtration, and de-scaling devices can be used

Chemical dosage – Use of scale inhibitors and conditioners in circulating water can be helpful in eliminating scaling.


So, now you know how professionals prevent scale built up in the cooling towers. If you need any assistance or maintenance services, contact cooling tower manufacturers Chennai for support. They won’t disappoint you. 

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